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12 Bottle Shipping Box - 330ml - Packaging Superstore
12 Bottle Shipping Box - 330ml - Packaging Superstore
12 Bottle Shipping Box - 330ml - Packaging Superstore
12 Bottle Shipping Box - 330ml - Packaging Superstore

12 Bottle Shipping Box - 330ml

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This cardboard beer box is ideal for beer subscription packaging as not only do the bottleneck separators prevent movement or rubbing of the bottles, the packaging immediately conveys the quality of the product within to consumers. Ideal for shipping beer bottles for gift or subscription boxes. This beer packaging is made from recycled cardboard, which makes it the perfect beer box for environmentally conscious providers & consumers.

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  • Brewery

  • Beer subscription box

  • Beer box

  • Craft beer


  • Made of double wall cardboard recycled paper quality of 120gsm, BC flute

  • Environmentally friendly, 100% recyclable

  • The 12 Bottle Shipping Box - 333 ml fits with a maximum bottle dimension of 61 mm diameter x 230 mm height, and the 12 Bottle Shipping Box - 500 ml can hold a bottle of 73 mm diameter x 230 mm height.

  • Those products are not designed to be used for heavy duty products unless stated otherwise, not to be used under high humidity or high temperatures conditions

  • All dimensions may vary by up to 3mm


Perfectly safe shipment for 12 beer bottles - DISC™ test approved

Made from 100% cardboard, this makes the perfect beer bottle packaging for the environmentally friendly beer provider. Popular amongst craft beer providers and consumers, the customised, branded box is the alcoholic beverage packaging of choice because it conveys the quality of the product within.

Perceived value is vital for beer subscription boxes, if your customers are given a shoddy package and feel they can get the same quality at a bar, why would they continue their on-going subscription with you?

Your packaging needs to convey quality, it has to look and feel better than regular beer you can buy in a shop, so consumers not only enjoy your product but stick with it and maybe even spread the word of the quality beer they’ve received from you.

The DS Smith ePack beer boxes are disc tested, meaning they’ve really been put through the ringer to see if they could withstand all the bangs and bumps they’d receive from the world's worst package delivery driver, they’ve been dropped, banged and crushed, to make sure the product within is kept safe. Only packaging that passes our extensive test is then allowed to protect your valuable product, after all, beer bottle packaging has to be particularly effective because otherwise your customers are left with a box of broken (albeit wonderfully smelling), glass.

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