free shipping this Week On order over £100
free shipping this Week On order over £100

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Are you a new business? Do you need to work out how to package your products?

We sell packaging materials, boxes and most importantly advice.

Here at Packaging Superstore, our aim is to help small businesses to package their products using reliable, sturdy boxes at a reasonable cost. We also have a wonderful range of pretty gift boxes which work well with jewellery and creative businesses.

If you're stuck on how to package your products, we're happy to provide a consultation service, looking at your products and making suggestions on how to package them, with your aim in mind. 

If your products are not packaged properly, it may lead to the product getting damaged. Do you have a replacement product, do you want to bear the burden of replacing the product? Have you ever wondered how the delivery guys deal with so many packages a day? Something as simple as Fragile Tape, across your package, may be enough to alert them to handle your package with extra care and may just save your product being placed under something that's heavy.

Packaging isn't always about being sturdy, at times the business you may run, may require you to package the product in a prettier box, something which wows the recipient. Haven't we all experienced at some point, the box was better than the gift? The gift / product's value can increase with the level of packaging you provide. Also have you thought about offering it as an additional service? If your business cannot take the additional cost of the beautiful packaging, but you feel it could add value to your business, then at a small cost to the customer, provide an add on gift box / deluxe packaging option. You will be surprised at how many buying options stop at, the box looks cheap, the product is great, but it will look like a cheap gift. When you're buying for someone important, you will make choices to pay a little extra to make them feel extra special.

Why not try it and let us know if it's worked for you, as it has for many businesses we have provided our free consultancy services to. We have low minimum order quantities and you can order samples across most of our range.